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Day 1. St.Petersburg. Arrival and embarkation. Time on your own. Dinner aboard the ship. 

Day 2. St.PetersburgThis extraordinary city, founded by Peter the Great in 1703, is the highlight of your Russian River adventure. Enjoy the extravagant baroque architecture of the city center, Nevsky Prospect, Palace Square and Smolny Convent. Your guided tour also includes the Admiralty Building, Pe­ter and Paul Fortress, and the treasure chest of world-famous art, the Hermitage Museum. The Hermitage Museum is located in beautiful building of Winter Palace. The museum is one of the largest and the most famous museums in the world with the most exquisite collections of art. Great variety of VIP and affordable op­tional tours is offered while in St.Petersburg. 

Breakrast, lunch, dinner aboard the ship. 

Day 3. St.PetersburgThis morning, visit the many wonders of the elegant Winter Palace, which today houses the Hermitage Museum, one of the largest art and cultural museums in the world. The day will also offer many opportunities on your own in this great city. Breakrast, lunch, dinner aboard the ship.



Day 4. MandrogiIt is a small river village with ginger-bread houses is a living fairy tale. Destroyed during WWII, Mandrogi was restored to its former glory at the end of the 20th century. Today this cozy little toy-like village is a pearl! The buildings in the village are made in Russian traditional village style. Travelers will get an upclose look at old craftsmanship here. The Museum of Russian Vodka is also a highlight.

Breakrast & dinner aboard the ship; lunch - open air BBQ with folk concert.


Day 5. KizhiThe island of Kizhi is an architectural gem within Lake Onega, the second largest lake in Europe. It is famous for its splendid Northern nature and for 18th century wood­en buildings, restored to their original state. The magnificent Church of Transfiguration is among them. It has 22 onion domes and was built entirely without a single nail. Kizhi is one of the real Russian wonders and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Breakrast, lunch, dinner aboard the ship.


Day 6. Goritsy. While touring here, visitors seem to forget reality under the influence of the medieval atmosphere of this town. It is the place of deep spiritual life of monks and of nu­merous ancient monasteries. The highlight of the day is a visit to one of the oldest and the most revered Russian monasteries - the Mon­astery of St. Cyril of the White Lake. It dates back to the 14th century, and is a home to the most exquisite icon collection in the world. 

Breakrast, lunch, dinner aboard the ship.


Day 7. YaroslavlToday it is an important Volga River port with a population of 600,000 that stretches for 18 miles on both its banks. The city was founded in the 11th century by leg­endary Prince Yaroslav the Wise. The mag­nificent 13th century Spassky Monastery En­semble and the Church of Elijah the Prophet are of special interest there. The frescoes on the walls inside the church make it a museum of old Russian painting. 

Breakrast, lunch, dinner aboard the ship.



Day 8. UglitchIt is one of the oldest, and probably one of the most beloved Russian towns, and a place of pilgrimage of Russian Czars. Accord­ing to a local legend its origin goes back to 937. Do not miss its fantastic view while your ship is approaching the pier! The ancient Church of St. Dmitri on the Blood is one of great sites visited on our guided walking tour. Uglitch has a fabulous flea market.

Breakrast, lunch, dinner aboard the ship.


Day 9. Moscow. This city has been the capital of Russia since the late 15th century. There will be an opportunity to see city’s world re­nowned attractions that include the UNESCO World Heritage sites - Kremlin, for example. City-tour includes Tverskaya Street, Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Bolshoi Theater and Moscow State University for panoramic view. Great variety of VIP and affordable op­tional tours is offered while in Moscow. 

Breakrast, lunch, dinner aboard the ship

Day 10. Moscow. Morning tour of the Kremlin, famous architectural ensemble of unique beauty. This former residence of Russian czars has been taking shape between 15th and 20th centuries. Cathedral Square is the center of Kremlin. Several majestic temples are located there. Assumption Cathedral of 15th century is the main church of Russia. Annunciation Cathedral of 15th century was private church of Russian Czars. Cathedral of the Archangel of 16th century is burial place of Russian Czars. Huge Czar Cannon and Czar Bell of enormous size are among Kremlin's wonders. 

Breakrast, lunch, dinner aboard the ship.

Day 11. MoscowTime to bid farewell to your new friends after unforgettable journey through this fascinating land. Disembarkation. Breakrast aboard the ship.  




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